Lower costs

Life is too expensive for families. We have a plan to lower your costs.

A Manitoba NDP Government Will:

  • Lower taxes and bills:

    • Freeze hydro rates for one year to make life more affordable for Manitoba families and small businesses
    • Ban surge pricing to save you money on your Hydro bill
    • Cut the gas tax to save you 14 cents a litre at the pump every time you gas up
    • Offer a broad middle-class tax cut
    • Create an Affordable Home Energy Program to cover the costs for 5,000 homes to convert to geothermal energy
  • Make life more affordable:

    • Provide universal access to free prescription birth control 
    • Bring in real $10/day childcare all year, with flexible hours
    • Implement a universal school nutrition program in every school
    • Restore funding to international student health coverage, which the PCs cut
    • Stop the PCs interference in MPI and put the interests of ratepayers first
  • Increase affordable housing:

    • Build more social and affordable housing
    • Bring in a Ministerial approval process to ensure better oversight over affordable non-profit housing and stop what happened at Lion’s place from happening again
    • Invest in upkeep and maintenance of Manitoba Housing properties so we can reduce the waitlist for proper housing all across the province
    • End chronic homelessness by connecting people with housing and mental health supports
    • Bring in stronger rent control and increase the renter's tax credit to $700
    • Take the PST off new rental builds to create more affordable housing and grow the economy