Manitoba Jobs

We will make sure there are 10,000 Manitoba jobs for Manitobans.

A Manitoba NDP Government Will:

  • Power our economy by creating 10,000 new Manitoba Jobs for Manitobans and stop the exodus of workers leaving Manitoba 
  • Create a Blue Ribbon Infrastructure Panel
  • Implement better health and safety standards
  • Create a Premier's Business and Jobs Council to bring together leaders from business, skilled trades, agriculture, Indigenous communities and labour.
  • Develop a real Critical Minerals Strategy to sustainably grow our critical minerals sector in partnership with Indigenous Peoples.  
  • Create 1,000 new clean energy jobs by employing the geothermal installers trained in Manitoba for the Affordable Home Energy Program
  • Increase immigration to Manitoba with a focus on reunification, and help families build a good life here
  • Reverse the PCs changes to Crown Land leases
  • Support value-added manufacturing
  • Bring in true $10/day childcare with flexible hours so women and parents can go back to work.
  • Help small businesses bounce back with a break on their Hydro bill.
  • Get more people working in the skilled trades with more apprenticeships and training opportunities.
  • Build a clean energy hub that invests in new charging stations and networks
  • Make workplaces fairer for women by closing the gender pay gap.
  • Work with municipalities on improving waste-water management.
  • Create an advisory table to consult with commercial fishers on the issues that matter to them
  • Stop contracting out jobs to other provinces and start building up.
  • Reverse the PCs cuts and invest in highways, bridges, roads and maintenance