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It's time for change.

Heather Stefanson wants to divide us. But she’s wrong about who we are as Manitobans.

She wants you to think we can’t fix health care – that the best she can do is the best we can do.

We are one Manitoba. And we can move forward together.

We will fix Heather Stefanson’s health care staffing crisis starting with hiring back the 300 nurses that Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson cut.

We will build 3 new ERs in Winnipeg to replace the ones Stefanson and Pallister closed and a 4th ER in Eriksdale to fix the damage they caused with their rural health care cuts.

We will freeze hydro rates to help make life more affordable and we will stop the privatization of Manitoba Hydro.

We will create more Manitoba jobs for Manitobans. Heather Stefanson gave jobs away but we will create jobs here and invest in better training and education.

We will end chronic homelessness by connecting people with housing, mental health supports and a path to employment. This will make communities safer and provide dignity to everyone.

Your vote can make a difference in this election.  

We're asking for your vote, so we can change the government in Manitoba.

We can make life better. Together.