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A message from Wab

I'm a dad to three young boys, a proud husband to a medical doctor, an author and a former journalist. I’m also the Leader of the Manitoba NDP – that means it’s my job to fight for everyday families like yours.

Brian Pallister’s Conservative government has made life harder for families. His reckless cuts to education, health care and the services people rely on has made it harder for Manitobans to achieve their dreams. And the PCs' response to the Covid-19 pandemic? Pallister decided to cut nearly 10,000 jobs during the worst recession Manitobans have experienced in decades. The PCs' cuts to jobs and services have made the recession worse for regular working families and show how out of touch they are with regular people.

Manitobans deserve better.

I’m proud to lead a strong, diverse team of MLAs who are committed to making life better for everyone in our province and I believe we can form the next government of Manitoba – a government that strengthens health care, invests in childcare and education, fights climate change and provides good jobs for all Manitobans.

I hope you’ll join us. Together we can build a better future for everyone in this province.