NDP Convention 2021

In 1961, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation merged with the Canadian Labour Congress to create the New Democratic Party of Canada. 60 years later, the New Democrats from across Manitoba will gather in a way our founders could never had anticipated – through an online, interactive Convention on January 29 – 31, 2021.
The strength of the Manitoba NDP has always been found in our membership: from the founding Convention 60 years ago to our election last year, we are driven by our members’ collective wisdom, energy and desire for a more just, cooperative society and a sustainable future. In this time of global uncertainty and poor political leadership, our message of economic and social justice is more relevant than ever. This January, New Democrats from across Manitoba will come together to debate policy resolutions and lay the course for winning government in the next election.
The Manitoba NDP is at its core a grassroots, democratic movement and nowhere is this more evident than at our annual Conventions. As a Party we want our Conventions to reflect the diversity of our Province, and this means building our grassroots membership into all communities, cultures, and ways of being. We need your help as our activists and organizers to forge lasting, local connections and we must take the time to get this right. One step we are taking for Convention 2021 is partnering with the Multicultural Committee to offer one subsidized delegate fee per constituency to an equity-seeking member. We are also looking to adapt our rules of order and make accessibility changes to promote and encourage a diversity of voices in our deliberations.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an in-person Convention is simply not possible. Instead, Convention 2021 will be digitally delivered to delegates through a secure, interactive, online broadcast. This new format requires the Party to adapt its Convention practices including changes to deadlines, the agenda, rules of order, and how resolutions are debated. Any final decisions related to these matters will be considered by Provincial Council in November 2020, and these decisions will be communicated to delegates at that time.
We have developed this website to be a central hub for all the information you’ll need for Convention 2021. Please follow the links below to find more information.
Note: Is your membership renewed for 2021?
At the beginning of September 2020, we sent out membership renewal letters to many Manitobans across the province. If you hold a 2020 or 2021 membership, you are eligible to register for Convention if  elected as a delegate by your Constituency Association, Committee or Affiliate. If you are a 2020 Member, please consider starting a monthly pre-authorized contribution (PAC) of at least $5 as this will automatically renew your membership every year on September 1st. You can do this by visiting mbndp.ca/donate.
If you are not a current member but want to attend Convention, you must be individual member in good standing of the Party for a minimum of 90 days prior to that convention. The membership deadline for  Convention 2021 is October 31, 2020 – and you can renew at mbndp.ca/membership.