Together, we can protect our environment.

A Manitoba NDP Government Will:

  • Work with Indigenous communities to conserve at least 30% of Manitoba’s lands and waters by 2030.
  • Work towards Net Zero commitments
  • Create an Affordable Home Energy Program to cover the costs for 5,000 homes to convert to geothermal energy
  • Move our transit buses off diesel by building more electric transit buses
  • Provide rebates for new and used EVs and plug-in hybrids
  • Build more EV charging stations
  • Bring Lake Winnipeg back to health and protect it for future generations
  • Stop fighting with other levels of government and get the North End Water Pollution Control Centre done
  • Restore funding to environmental organizations cut by the PCs in 2020 and work with them to fight climate change
  • End the PC Government’s practice of deforestation and plant more trees to improve Manitoba's green spaces and protect Manitobans from extreme heat.
  • Stop the PCs’ privatization of parks and protect them while keeping them public and affordable.
  • Work with municipalities to improve surface-water protections and ensure there is adequate funding for waste-water management so communities can grow
  • Work with municipalities and the federal government to launch a rail-relocation study to prevent environmental damage and keep Manitobans safe.
  • Build a clean energy hub to make sure Manitoba is at the forefront of the clean energy economy and to integrate our hydrogen-focused advantage with Manitoba's investments in hydroelectricity and our strong manufacturing industry, especially transit.
  • Work with local companies like New Flyer to create new jobs in electric transit and grow our economy.