Fiscal Framework

A strong economy for Manitoba, and more money in your pocket.

A Manitoba NDP Government will:

  • Cut the gas tax to save you 14 cents a litre at the pump every time you gas up.
  • Increase the renters tax credit to $700
  • Stop the PCs practice of handing out rebate cheques to billionaires
  • Balance the budget in the first term 
  • Keep the education property tax rebate at 50% for residential and farmers 
  • Take the PST off new rental builds to create more affordable housing and grow the economy
We are adopting the province’s budget for 2023 and all our campaign promises are accounted for within the budget’s $500 million unallocated funds.
  • That means no tax increases and balanced, practical spending plans.
  • We will balance the budget in the first term. 
  • We think the unallocated funds should go towards lowering costs and improving health care. That’s why we are freezing hydro rates, cutting the gas tax and reopening emergency rooms.
  • Our plan leaves leave the province’s rainy-day fund completely untouched so that we have the resources to respond to any unforeseen challenges we might face a province.
  • Former Premier Gary Doer showed that you can balance the books and invest in health care and education. A government led by Wab Kinew will do the same and we’re so proud to have Mr. Doer’s support. 

A Manitoba NDP Government will NOT Increase the PST