Manitoba NDP Commit to Building 3 New ERs in Winnipeg and 1 in Eriksdale

Will Start with Victoria ER to Meet the Needs of Growing South Winnipeg 

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB – Today Wab Kinew stood with members of his team and Dr. Eric Jacobsohn to announce his plan to build three new emergency rooms in Winnipeg to replace the ERs Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson closed. Kinew also committed to building a new ER in Eriksdale to improve health care for families in rural Manitoba.  

      “The biggest mistake Heather Stefanson made in health care was to close three ERs in Winnipeg,” said Kinew. “She cut health care, but we will build it, so families get better health care close to home.  When Manitobans mark their ballot on October 3rd, they can vote for better health care.”  

      Today’s announcement builds on the Manitoba NDP’s commitment to fix the health care staffing crisis with a $500 million investment in recruitment and retention.  

      Kinew said his party would start by building a new ER at the Victoria hospital to meet the needs of the growing population in South Winnipeg.  

      The Manitoba NDP’s plan was supported by Dr. Eric Jacobsohn, internist, anesthesiologist and head of research and the Health Science Centre and Dr. Brian Postl, former CEO of the WRHA and former Dean of the Max Rady College of Medicine.  

      “In the last 7 years, I have witnessed an inexorable deterioration in access to medical care for Manitobans,” said Dr. Jacobsohn. “This has resulted in unconscionable delays in receiving care, and poor health outcomes. It is a well-known fact that a lack of access to medical care manifests by increasing use of emergency departments. Wab Kinew and his team have sought input and council about the status of emergency care in Winnipeg, and have correctly decided that the urgent care centres at Victoria, Seven Oaks and Concordia need to be upgraded to full emergency departments” 

      “Emergency care in Manitoba has suffered since the provincial government under Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson made the decision to close emergency rooms at Concordia, Seven Oaks and the Victoria hospitals,” said Dr. Postl. “We need a plan to bring better emergency care to our communities. Wab Kinew has laid out his plans to recruit and retain more staff, and with that foundation reopening the three ERs in Winnipeg is something we can and must do. This is a responsible plan that will result in better health care closer to home.”