Manitoba NDP’s Responsible Plan Will Fix Health Care and Lower Costs for Families

Kinew path to balanced budget in the first term – PC Deficit means over $1 billion in cuts 

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg--Today Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew laid out his plan for Manitoba. With a focus on health care and affordability, Kinew’s plan will staff up the health care system, build new emergency rooms, lower costs for families and grow the economy with good jobs.  

“This is a plan that will make life better and more affordable for every Manitoban. It’s a responsible plan that leads to a balanced budget in the first term,” said Kinew. “We know that fixing health care and ending chronic homelessness are ambitious goals. But the way we do difficult things in Manitoba is by doing them together. And I’m hopeful about the future of our province.” 

Kinew’s plans to fix health care are centred on a $500 million health care staffing strategy. Their plan will improve health care at every level from re-opening emergency rooms to increasing health care for families and better primary care. The NDP has a vision to inspire the next generation of health care workers and care for patients with centres of excellence in areas like cardiac care, cancer, women’s health and joint surgery.  

Kinew reiterated his commitments to lower costs for families by freezing Hydro rates for one year, cutting the gas tax while inflation remains high, bringing in real $10/day childcare, creating a renter's tax credit.  

 Heather Stefanson’s PCs have not released their platform and costing. The total cost of their commitments over the course of the campaign leads to a $1 billion+ deficit in year four.  

 “The only way Heather Stefanson can pay for her promises is by cutting health care once again,” said Kinew.  




Read our full plan here.