Wab Kinew for Fort Rouge Manitoba NDP


How do you do? I'm Wab Kinew.

I'm a dad to three young boys, a proud husband to a medical doctor, an author and a former journalist. I'm also running to be your Premier.

I understand the challenges and hopes that regular Manitobans face because my family and I share them. We want our lives, and our children's lives, to be about achieving their dreams and experiencing the best of life.

Time and time again, Brian Pallister has made it clear: he’s not in it for everyday families like yours. His cuts have thrown the health care system we count on into chaos. He’s made your life more expensive. And he hasn’t got a plan to protect our environment. These aren’t accidents; they are deliberate choices he has made. And it’s because he’s only it in for those at the top.

As your Premier, I will make different choices. I will fix the damage Pallister has caused in health care, invest in education so our kids get the best possible start and create thousands of good jobs to push our province forward.
My priority is to build a good life and a great future for all of us — not just those at the top.