Wab Kinew Urges Premier to Issue Joint Statement to Convoy

Premier Heather Stefanson

204 Legislative Building

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

February 14, 2022


Dear Premier Stefanson,

Manitobans want us to see us work together in times like this. While it was difficult to work with former Premier Pallister in a collaborative and cooperative fashion, we hope to work with you to see a speedy and peaceful resolution to the occupation in Winnipeg, an ending to the border blockade and threats to access to our schools and hospitals.

To that end we are writing to request we reach across party lines and issue a joint statement from all elected representatives of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly to collectively tell the convoy protestors its time to go home.

The Winnipeg City Council unanimously passed a motion last week to that effect. We hope to see similar unanimous support at the provincial level.

We look forward to your response.



Wab Kinew

Leader of the Official Opposition