The Pas-Kameesak NDP

Amanda achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first First Nations woman to secure a seat in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly in 2015, representing The Pas. In addition to her role as an MLA, she is a mother, a lifelong resident of northern Manitoba, and a former band councillor. She is also the daughter of the late Honourable Oscar Lathlin, underscoring her deep connection to the region. In the legislature, she was instrumental in introducing legislation aimed at extending paid leave for mothers recovering from miscarriages. Furthermore, she successfully navigated legislation to enhance the quality of sexual assault care for northern residents.


Constituency Office:

Box 2060, 1416 Gordon Ave, The Pas, R2W 2N6
Phone Number: 1-204-623-2034
Fax: 1-204-623-2068
Email: [email protected]