Wab Kinew Commits to Rebuilding the Park Community Centre in Brandon After Len Isleifson Fails to Get it Done

Manitoba NDP Leader, Wab Kinew, was in Brandon today to announce that if his party wins the election, they will rebuild the Park Community Centre with a new childcare facility. Kinew was joined by members of the community, his Brandon candidates Glen Simard (Brandon East) and Quientin Robinson (Brandon West).  

“Families, artists and communities have been bringing people together at the Park Community Centre for decades,” said Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “This place is a valuable a community hub that we can’t afford to lose. Heather Stefanson and Len Isleifson have refused to step in and help, but a Manitoba NDP government will be different. We will work with the city and the community to keep the charm and history of this special place while building a new structure that meets the needs of families today.” 

In 2019 City of Brandon officials proposed rebuilding of the Park Community Centre. In 2021 the demolition was cancelled, and city officials began looking into renovating or replacing the building. At a city council meeting in February 2023, the city rejected 3 bids to rebuild the community centre citing a $300,000 shortfall. The city applied to the province for funding under the PCs but recently learned the PC said no.  

The Manitoba NDP pledged to invest up to $1 million to demolish and rebuild the Park Community Centre. Their plans for the new building would include a childcare centre. Kinew said his government would work with the city and the community to design a space that best serves the needs of the community.  

“Len Isleifson and the PCs failed to deliver for the people of Brandon,” said NDP candidate for Brandon East Glen Simard. “He couldn’t get the Park Community Centre the funding it needs but I will. I care about Brandon East families, and alongside Wab Kinew I will work hard to ensure that Brandon families have better health care and a thriving community.”