Stefanson’s PCs Fail on Key 2019 Health Care Promises

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB Today, NDP candidates Renée Cable (Southdale), Uzoma Asagwara (Union Station), and Lisa Naylor (Wolseley) released a report card outlining Heather Stefansons top ten failures on key PC Party 2019 health care election promises.

Heather Stefanson stood with Brian Pallister in 2019 and promised better health care but she failed.

Instead, she cut front line health care which meant fewer nurses at the bedside, fewer paramedics in rural Manitoba, fewer PCH beds for seniors, and longer wait times for surgeries and in emergency rooms,said NDP candidate for Union Station Uzoma Asagwara. Stefanson was Pallisters Health Minister and implemented front line cuts. Her record shows her promises are fake Manitobans know they can’t trust the people who broke our health care system to fix it.

Examples of the Stefanson PCsbroken promises on health care include:

Broken Promise: 200 more nurses Fact: 300 fewer nurses in Winnipeg alone
Broken Promise: 80 more paramedics Fact: 87 fewer pandemics
Broken Promise: Bring Manitoba up to national wait time standards

Fact: Hip and Knee wait times worse than 2019

and ER wait times worse ever on record

Broken Promise: More personal care home beds FACT: 149 fewer PCH beds than in 2016

Heather Stefanson closed three ERs in Winnipeg and is hiding her record of failures from Manitobans ahead of the election. The truth is her PC Government will cut health care again if they get the chance,said Lisa Naylor, NDP candidate for Wolseley. Manitobans dont believe Heather Stefansons empty promises she didnt get it done before and she wont now. The Manitoba NDP is the only team that can stop the cuts and fix health care.

For more information on the PCsbroken 2019 health care promises, read our backgrounder.