PCs block NDP resolution to protect young athletes

After the recent charges of sexual assault against a Winnipeg high school coach became public, the Manitoba NDP is demanding the PCs develop better policies to protect young athletes. The PCs, including former Blue Bomber and MLA for Fort Whyte, Obby Khan, talked out the NDP resolution, refusing to let it pass.  

“As a father, nothing is more important to me than the safety of my kids and I know every parent in our province feels the same,” said Jamie Moses, MLA for St. Vital. “The fact is, the policies we have in place right now in Manitoba are not enough to protect our children from potential abuse and this needs to change immediately. We have to do better.”  

The recent charges against a Winnipeg coach have revealed the failures of current policies that allow coaches and teachers to have youth in their homes. The NDP resolution calls on the government to develop a new policy that would prevent coaches from having student athletes in their homes and implement services like a dedicated text line for youth to report instances of sexual assault.  

“The stories of abuse in sport are devastating, but we are not powerless,” said Adrien Sala, NDP MLA for St. James. “There are clear steps we can take to protect our children. As legislators we have a responsibility to create better policies that will prevent abuse and reduce stigma for survivors.”