Paramedic Association of Manitoba Endorse NDP Plan for new Seven Oaks ER

NDP Commit to Hire 200 More Paramedics to Fix Stefanson’s Cuts  

Today the Manitoba NDP was joined by front-line paramedics from the Paramedic Association of Manitoba (PAM) to highlight the dangerous wait times and deteriorating patient care since the PCs closed the Seven Oaks ER. PAM also endorsed the NDP’s ER plan.  

“There’s nothing more stressful for a paramedic than getting a call you can’t respond to because you’re stuck in an ambulance bay,” said Rebecca Clifton, a paramedic and director of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba. “Paramedics are sitting in the hallways with patients at HSC for 6 – 8 hours. That is 6 - 8 hours where a community is without an ambulance. That is 6 - 8 hours where paramedics should be providing care to your loved one in need. Reopening the ER here at Seven Oaks will mean better care for patients, both inside and outside of Winnipeg.” 

New data from the WRHA shows the wait times at Seven Oaks Urgent Care are getting worse month over month and year over year. It’s a direct result of Heather Stefanson’s cuts and her refusal to listen to front line workers like paramedics.  

“Shutting down the Seven Oaks ER was a terrible decision for North-West Winnipeg,” said Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “Paramedics have seen first-hand how dangerous this is. But Heather Stefanson’s PCs did it anyway. Our plan to build a new ER at Seven Oaks will give you back the emergency services you need”. 

The NDP also pledged to bolster the front lines and replace the nearly 100 paramedics cut by Stefanson since 2019 with a plan to add 100 more by the end of a first term. 

NDP candidate for McPhillips JD Devgan introduced NDP Leader Wab Kinew and pointed out that the PC candidate for McPhillips claims to be fighting to keep the Seven Oaks ER open in her campaign pamphlet. “The PC candidate running against me is saying she will ‘fight to make sure our local ER stays open.’ But that’s a lie – her party closed the Seven Oaks ER four years ago. Thanks to the PCs there are no “local ERs” in our community to fight for.” 

Work on the new Seven Oaks ER will begin after the Victoria ER is completed and once the staff is in place to do so safely, Kinew said.