Pallister’s Top 10 Broken Promises


Brian Pallister claims he’s kept his promises – the facts show otherwise. No one voted to close Emergency Rooms or cut health care in the last election. But that’s his record.

BROKEN PROMISE #1: Protect front line health care and jobs

FACT: 500 nurses fired, ERs and clinics closed, post-op physio cut

  • “'It is a front line service cut': 17 nurse positions to be eliminated at HSC” (CTV, July 24/17)
  • “Growing number of Manitobans waiting longer than recommended for hip, knee, cataract surgeries: CIHI report” (CBC April 12/18)
  • “Seven Oaks ER closing later this month” (WFP July 9, 2019)
  • “Physio services take a body blow: Province saves millions by slashing WHRA's outpatient programs, but at what human cost?” (WFP, Oct. 10/17)
  • “Manitobans must pay health premiums or face cuts to services: Premier Pallister” (CBC Sept 13/17)

BROKEN PROMISE #2: 1,200 new personal care home beds

FACT: Zero new personal care home beds, $2M cut to Winnipeg PCH operations  

  • “Manitoba added no new personal care beds in 2016-17, despite Tory election promise” (CBC, Dec 5, 2017)
  • “Personal care homes ordered to cut costs” (CTV, Nov. 24/17)


BROKEN PROMISE #3: New program to improve Grade 3 reading, establish K-12 reading labs

FACT: Eliminated class size cap for K to 3, closed the Manitoba Curriculum Centre 

  • “Teachers union 'dumbfounded' by removal of cap on K-Grade 3 class sizes” (CBC, Mar. 14/17)
  • “Closure Of Curriculum Centre "Huge Loss" For Rural Teachers” (Pembina Valley, March 23/19)


BROKEN PROMISE #4: Cut red tape in special needs education funding applications

FACT: Cuts to special needs program  and froze funding for level II students

“Funding cut for special-needs kids” (WFP, June 23/17)

BROKEN PROMISE #5: Promote post-secondary bursary programs

FACT: Bursary programs cut

  • “Access funds, bursaries for post-secondary institutions cut” (WFP March 25/19)

BROKEN PROMISE #6: Create 550 home-based childcare spaces, increase incentives for ECEs 

FACT: Only 196 home-based spots created, frozen daycare operating funds, daycare waitlist grows by 4,000

  • “Home-based daycare declines under Tories, despite election promise: Province has lost 17 home-based spaces since the PCs were elected in April” (CBC, March 14/17)
  • “Centres struggle financially, while parents struggle to find spaces” (CBC, April 2/19)
  • “Daycare system 'in jeopardy'” (WFP, April 2/19)


BROKEN PROMISE #7: Guaranteed infrastructure funding, predictable funding for cities

FACT: Millions in infrastructure cuts, cut transit operating grant, froze municipal grants

  • “Pallister breaks construction promises” (WFP, March 16/18)
  • “City will repair fewer roads because of funding shortfall: mayor” (Sun, March 1/19)
  • “Transit faces service cuts after shortfall” (Bdn Sun, Dec. 2/17)

BROKEN PROMISE #8-: Develop harvest co-management strategies

FACT: Interfered with First Nation rights on fishing, picked fights with the Metis

  • “'It's a mess': Manitoba fishers missing close to $1 million in payments” (CBC, Jan. 15/18)


BROKEN PROMISE #9: Keep MPI publicly owned. 

FACT: Considering privatization, interfered with MPI

  • “Province considering end of MPI, documents from NDP reveal” (WFP, July 5/19)

BROKEN PROMISE #10: New standards for transparency, accountability and ethics

FACT: Broke rules, buried Costa Rican communications, interfered in Crown Corporations

  • “PC financing breach deepens insurance-industry row” (WFP July 17/19)
  • “Commissioner finds Manitoba cabinet minister’s constituency group broke rule” (CP, July 17/19)
  • “Tory minister accused of interference after fishing licence granted to PC candidate” (CBC, July 22/19)