Pallister Refuses to Hear WestMan Concerns

Brandon, MB – Brian Pallister is hiding from Brandon voters – why won’t Pallister commit to debating issues Manitobans want to hear?

“Months ago, the Brandon Sun and Chamber of Commerce informed political parties of a debate in Brandon – the NDP were ready to participate so the issues
that affect Westman could be discussed,” said Lonnie Patterson, NDP candidate for Brandon East. “Why did Pallister call an early election if he didn't plan to show up for it? Instead Pallister is hiding from the residents of Brandon and is refusing to debate – what’s he hiding from?”

Pallister has consistently refused to participate in debates across the province – in Winnipeg and Brandon. That’s because he knows his record of health cuts is indefensible, his ignoring the meth crisis shows a lack of compassion and his plan for more cuts to infrastructure and jobs won’t be well received.

“We need a debate in Brandon – the NDP is ready to debate the issues Westman residents care about. Brian Pallister is hiding from the public and only talking with well-connected insiders - why does Pallister think it’s not important to talk to the people of Brandon?”