Pallister Doesn’t Like Traveling…in Manitoba

WINNIPEG, MB – A week ago today, Brian Pallister claimed he had already travelled 3,000km during the campaign (Aug. 20, MTS Centre Presser) - the equivalent of driving from Winnipeg to Thompson four times.

Pallister said: “my tour will hit every riding...we will be hitting every riding...we've gone, gone I think by most recent mileage, almost 3,000kms already”.

How far did Pallister really travel? Approximately 376km.

Unless Pallister made it part way to Costa Rica during his notable weekend absence, it appears he’s playing fast and loose with Manitobans.

The Manitoba NDP accounted for all of Pallister and the PC Party’s social media posts and documented appearances from the writ drop on Aug. 12th to his 3,000km announcement on Aug. 20th – including Pallister’s two trips to Skinner’s in one day on Aug. 14th (see attached).

The PC Party has promised that Pallister will travel 8,000km during the campaign (Thompson Online). 8,000km is the equivalent of driving from Winnipeg to Thompson 10 times – or almost a return journey to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Questions for Pallister:

• How many more kilometers do you have to go to reach your 8,000km goal?
• Where have you been these past two weekends to rack up the kilometers?
• Did you go to Costa Rica?