NDP Nominate Indigenous Educator Billie Cross as Candidate for Seine River

The Manitoba NDP nominated Indigenous educator Billie Cross to represent Seine River families in the next provincial election.

“Families in Seine River feel abandoned by the PC government,” said Cross. “They’ve raised hydro rates, attacked workers and are only making life harder and more expensive. I know families in Seine River want better health care, smaller class sizes and a life they can afford.  Only Wab Kinew and the NDP can be trusted to deliver that future.  They are ready to fix health care, invest in our kids and help Seine River families get ahead.”

Billie Cross is a mother, a small-business owner and an Indigenous educator. She knows families in Seine River need more support as the cost-of-living rises. With years of experience as an educator, Billie has seen firsthand how PC cuts to Seine River schools have hurt kids. Billie will work hard to make life better for families in Seine River and across the province.

“In the classroom, on the basketball court, and in the community, Billie is a leader who lifts up others,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “While the PCs put their political interests ahead of regular people, Billie and the NDP will always put people first. We are working hard to take on the PCs in South Winnipeg so we can give families the support they need for a brighter future.”