NDP Fight for Better Healthcare in Fort Whyte

Only Team to Offer Real Alternatives to PCs

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB— Standing in front of a home in Fort Whyte, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew and the NDP’s candidate for the riding, Trudy Schroeder, condemned the Stefanson PCs inaction on the surgical and diagnostic backlog. Together they outlined a plan to address the backlog and asked Fort Whyte residents to consider this by-election an opportunity to send a message to the PCs that health care cuts and long wait times must end today. 

“There are so many families in Fort Whyte who are living with pain and worry,” said Shroeder. “I want to see them stop waiting and start living. That’s why I’m running as the NDP candidate in this by-election. After they cut healthcare to the bone for years, no one trusts the PCs to make the investments families need to get better healthcare sooner. The NDP is the only choice to fix healthcare and this by-election is the community’s chance to fight back against PC cuts.”

Kinew and Schroeder outlined the NDP’s 3-point plan to clear the surgery backlog: 

  • Address the root of the problem with a staffing solution. Stabilize staffing in ICUs and emergency rooms to prevent those units from drawing on staff in operating rooms. Fast track the accreditation of internationally educated nurses and appoint them to surgical teams. And use every tool available to retain nurses, draw them back to the bedside and tap into their expertise and compassion. 
  • Commit to a target and stick to it. Working with surgical staff, devise a plan with deliverables and clear milestones to reduce the backlog. Then pick a target date to have all those currently on the waitlist scheduled for surgery, and publicly commit to it. 
  • Expand access to surgery and diagnostic care and make a long term plan to get our health care system back to a functioning level. Increase hours at surgical facilities, MRIs and other diagnostic services particularly in Winnipeg. 


“Manitobans are tired of hearing the PCs repeat the same excuses when it comes to healthcare,” said Kinew. “We know there are practical solutions we can implement today in Manitoba that would help families get the tests and surgeries they need. The NDP is committed to fixing the damage the PC have caused and building a stronger healthcare system that is there when families need it – it starts here in Fort Whyte.”