NDP Amend Bill 36 to Prevent Rate Hikes

An NDP amendment to PC Bill 36 will stop the government’s plan to raise Hydro bills by 5% and instead implement a rate freeze to keep life affordable for families.   

“A hike on home heating costs is the last thing people need right now, but that’s exactly what Premier Stefanson and the PCs plan to do,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “They can continue to deny it, but Manitobans aren’t fooled. They know this government, first under Brian Pallister and now with Premier Stefanson, has been raising hydro bills by hundreds of dollars per family. Today we gave the PCs a chance to help make life more affordable for families.” 

The NDP has introduced an amendment to the government’s Bill 36 The Manitoba Hydro Amendment and Public Utilities Board Amendment Act to stop Hydro rates increases 5%. If passed, the amendment means rates won’t increase.  

The Manitoba NDP will call a vote on the amendment to force the PC government to put their plans for Hydro bills on the public record.  

The PC government has repeatedly said one thing about Manitoba Hydro, but done another. They promised to keep Hydro public, then sold off multi-million dollar subsidiaries of the company and paid a Conservative insider to write a report recommending privatization. And, they have raised bills by hundreds of dollars over the last few years, sidestepping public oversight and the PUB to do it. Bill 36 is a reincarnation of Brian Pallister’s Bill 35, which was scrapped after the Manitoba NDP delayed the government’s legislative agenda.  

“The PCs have a record of misleading Manitobans on Hydro and Bill 36 is the perfect example. It gives the PCs the ability to hike bills by 5% and entrenches rate-setting power at the cabinet table,” said NDP Hydro Critic Adrien Sala. “They wouldn’t give themselves the power to raise rates if they didn’t plan to do it. It’s time for them to stop misleading Manitobans and admit they have a plan to make life more expensive.”