MLA Adrien Sala Nominated as NDP Candidate for St. James

The Manitoba NDP nominated MLA Adrien Sala to run again to represent St. James families in the next provincial election.

“I know St. James families are looking for a brighter future. A future with better health care, more opportunities for their kids and a life they can afford,” said Sala. “Unfortunately, under the PCs that future just doesn’t seem possible. Families in St. James are paying the price for the PCs cuts to health care, waiting days to get the care they need at the Grace hospital. Instead of helping families get through these tough times, the PCs are raising hydro rates at the cabinet table and allowing rents to skyrocket. Families in St. James know that only Wab Kinew and the NDP will deliver the solutions they need for a brighter future.”

Adrien Sala lives in St. James with his wife and two children. Sala is actively involved in many community organizations and recently helped secure funding from local donors to set up 5 years of Art City programming for kids in St. James during the summer. He knows how PC cuts to health care have created a crisis at the Grace Hospital and he is committed to working with health care workers and community members to find solutions and hold the government accountable for hallway medicine. As the NDP critic for Hydro, Sala is fighting for lower hydro rates for families, good jobs and clean energy.

“Adrien Sala is a strong community leader who listens and cares,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “When he's not in the Legislature fighting for St. James families and advocating for patients and health care workers at the Grace, he’s out in the community knocking on doors and listening to his constituents. Our team is working hard for families in West Winnipeg and across the province who are ready for a government that cares.”