Manitoba NDP Will Bring in Real $10 Childcare that Works When You Work

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB – Today in Rossmere Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew, joined by young families, committed to making childcare work for every Manitoban. Kinew promised an NDP government would expand the $10/day program to include summer months for school age children and make childcare hours more flexible for shift workers.  

“Parents need affordable, quality childcare but right now it’s not working for too many families,” said Kinew. “Shift workers like nurses and construction workers don’t have options that work for them. And parents of school age kids are seeing their bills go up in the summer. A Manitoba NDP government will ensure every family gets $10/childcare that works when they work.”  

Currently childcare costs for school age children in summer months, on professional development days and holidays during the school range from $18 to over $20 per day. In addition, Manitoba lacks enough childcare options with flexible hours to meet parents’ needs. 

For years Heather Stefanson froze childcare funding and ignored and disrespected early childhood educators.  A Manitoba NDP Government would work with the childcare sector and prioritize spaces with flexible hours for shift workers. The Manitoba NDP would work with the sector to ensure childcare is a good job that pays the bills with opportunities to expand training.  

“This announcement is personal for me,” said Rossmere NDP candidate Tracy Schmidt. “Like many parents, my husband and I were once shift workers, and we were never able to find childcare to fit our schedule. I know so many other families in Rossmere and across the province are in the same boat. It’s time for a government that can deliver affordable childcare that works for everyone.”