Manitoba NDP Nominate Amanda Lathlin in The Pas- Kameesak

The Manitoba NDP nominated Amanda Lathlin to run again in the upcoming provincial election. Lathlin was the first First Nations woman election to the Manitoba Legislature when she first won her seat in 2015.

“Families in The Pas-Kameesak want a government that will fix Northern health care
and make their lives better,” said Lathlin. “But all they’ve got with Premier
Stefanson is empty promises and more cuts. If we have the opportunity to form
government, our NDP team won’t abandon Northern families. We'll fix health care
and make sure they have more services and an affordable life.”

Alongside the Manitoba NDP’s three other Northern MLAs, Lathlin has been fighting
back against Premier Stefanson’s cuts to Northern health care, education and
infrastructure. As a strong advocate for families and young people in the North,
Lathlin has introduced bills to give parents 3 days of paid bereavement leave after a
miscarriage or stillbirth and help young victims of sexual assault access health care
in their home communities, so they don’t have to travel to Winnipeg.

“Amanda is a strong advocate for Northern families,” said Manitoba NDP Leader
Wab Kinew. “She’s a Mom who knows what it’s like to raise a family in Northern
Manitoba – and she won’t stop fighting to make life better for Northern families. Our
team is committed to fixing health care, making life more affordable and providing
better opportunities and jobs for Northern families.”