Manitoba NDP Commits to Building Airport at Wasagamack First Nation

The Manitoba NDP commits to build an airport at Wasagamack First Nation if they form government this October. 

“Airports are an important lifeline in Northern communities for so many reasons,” said Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “They mean better health care, safer transportation, and increased opportunities for the community. The people of Wasagamack have been waiting for too long. With a Manitoba NDP Government, you will finally get the airport you need.” 

Wasagamack First Nation has been calling for this airport to be built for years. In 2017, a wildfire which required the community to be evacuated highlighted the need for this project. A Manitoba NDP Government will cover the capital costs of building the airport and the access road so families in Wasagamack and surrounding communities have access to the transportation services they need. 

“I’ve heard from so many families in Wasagamack calling for this airport to be built. They are one of the only remote communities in Manitoba without an airport,” said NDP candidate for Keewatinook, Ian Bushie. “Wab Kinew and I are listening, and we’re going to get this project done for you.”