Wab Kinew Commits to Manitoba Jobs for Manitobans

Ambitious Infrastructure Plan Promises 10,000 New Jobs 

September 11, 2023 | Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg, MB - Today, outside the Victoria Hospital where the NDP has pledged to build a new ER, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew stood with workers to announce his plan to create 10,000 Manitoba jobs for Manitobans. 

“Workers are the backbone of our economy. They built this province, and they keep it running, from hydro to healthcare to highways” said Kinew. “But for seven years Heather Stefanson’s PCs have given good jobs away to out-of-province companies instead of working with Manitoba companies and Manitoba workers. It’s time to change that. A Manitoba NDP government will stop the cuts and start building. We’ll power our economy with good Manitoba jobs for Manitobans. And we’ll start by building a new ER for the Victoria Hospital.” 

The Manitoba Jobs for Manitobans Strategy will end Heather Stefanson’s cuts to infrastructure and her reliance on out-of-province companies. The PCs have forced many Manitobans in the skilled trades to move to other provinces for work. The plan will put Manitoba workers first and ensure that public infrastructure jobs are prioritized for Manitoba employers and Manitoba workers. Kinew’s commitments to make healthcare better include major capital projects, from building new ERs at Victoria, Concordia, and Seven Oaks hospitals to an expansion of the Bannatyne campus. The jobs created by these projects will go to Manitoba workers, Kinew committed today. 

“I’m in full support of Wab’s plan,” said Dave McPhail, Business Manager and Financial Secretary of IBEW 2085. “Before the PC government took office, work planned for our infrastructure was planned and moving in a positive direction.  But in the last 2 terms of the PC government, projects aren’t getting the go-ahead. Workers have no work. That has to stop. It's time for change.”