Last Fall Sitting Ends with PCs Committing to Private Hydro and Health Care

As the final fall sitting before the next election ends, Manitoba families are worse off than when it started. In fact, the PCs have spent their time in the Legislature to announce a plan to create for-profit, American-style health care and sell off our public Manitoba Hydro to raise rates.

“The Stefanson PCs should have spent this session working for Manitoba families, but instead they repeated the mistakes of Brian Pallister and proved once again they aren’t on the side of working people,” said NDP House Leader, Nahanni Fontaine. “They’re focused on more for-profit health care, raising Hydro bills and selling off our crown utility.They haven’t kept up their end of the childcare deal, they haven’t reduced wait times for health care and they haven’t helped families with rising costs over the holidays."

The NDP fought back against their agenda of privatization and presented solutions to make life better and more affordable for seniors and families. The NDP called on the Stefanson government to reverse their cuts to public health care and stop moving our province towards a two-tiered American-style health care system. The NDP also called on the government to fill vacancies in homecare and ensure seniors and families get the health care they need. And the NDP demanded the PCs protect seniors at Lion’s Place instead of selling off more housing to private companies.

While the PC legislative agenda stagnated, the NDP passed a bill to create Black History Month in Manitoba and introduced bills to keep Hydro rates affordable, create safer communities, help consumers save money on small appliances and support people with addictions.

“Families are heading towards 2023, with all its challenges and opportunities, and looking for a government that has their back,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “Our team is offering a better choice for working people—a Manitoba they can be proud of, and a life they can afford.”