Kinew Lays out Manitoba NDP’s 5-point Strategy to be Tough on Crime and Tough on the Causes of Crime

Stricter Bail Measures, Unexplained Wealth Act and Security Rebate for Families and Small Businesses  

After responding directly to Heather Stefanson’s lie that he will defund the police, today in the Riel constituency NDP Leader Wab Kinew outlined his 5-point plan to make Manitoba safer for everyone.  

“Manitobans are tired of feeling unsafe,” said Kinew. “After seven years of Heather Stefanson’s cuts to policing and community safety, we need a new approach – one that’s tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. Where Heather Stefanson has been hard on people struggling with addictions but soft on drug traffickers, I will bring the hammer down on the people who bring drugs into our communities. And I will implement stricter bail measures to keep violent criminals out of our communities.”  

The Manitoba NDP’s plan will make Manitoba safer by 

  • Improving bail measures by implementing the National Police Federations recommendations on bail reform including support for better data sharing among law enforcement, investments in rural broadband to improve bail monitoring and introducing standard qualifications for those who conduct bail hearings.  
  • Cracking down on drug traffickers with an Unexplained Wealth Act.  
  • Helping families stay safe at home and protecting small businesses with a $2.5 million rebate program for security updates like security alarms, doorbell cameras and motion sensor lights.  
  • Helping the police focus on their jobs by hiring 100 mental health workers to work alongside law enforcement and respond to non-violent calls with a $12 million annual investment in new jobs.  
  • Ending chronic homelessness in two terms by connecting people with housing and mental health supports.  


“When I talk to families in our community, I hear from seniors who are worried about riding the bus. Parents who wonder if it’s safe for their kids to ride their bikes in the neighbourhood or shoot hoops at the local school,” said Mike Moyes, NDP candidate for Riel. “It’s clear Rachelle Squires and Heather Stefanson’s approach isn’t working. I’m proud to be running for the Manitoba NDP – the only party with a plan to make our community safer for everyone.”