Government Business Delayed by Stefanson's Chaotic Mismanagement

NDP Asks Why the PC Cabinet isn’t Focused on Manitobans  

In the midst of continuing health care shortages, overcrowded classrooms and economic uncertainty the PC government is so plagued by internal chaos and mismanagement they are missing critical deadlines. NDP MLA for St. James Adrien Sala asked why neither the Premier or her Cabinet are focused on delivering for Manitobans.  

“Government’s job is delivering results that make life easier for Manitobans. A Premier should have a vision for the future and be focused on delivering tangible results for people. But the PC government is so wrapped up in internal dysfunction they’ve lost their ability to get anything done. The Premier is more concerned with her inner circle of staff than the challenges Manitobans face. This province needs leadership and the Premier isn’t providing it.” 

The Premier committed to shuffling her cabinet in media reports two weeks ago, but no announcements have been made, leaving her ministerial departments in limbo and unable to move ahead on projects.  An analysis of Orders-in-Council and recent regulatory changes suggests the Premier’s Cabinet hasn’t met since December 14th, 2022.   

The government has missed several of their own deadlines and appear to be making no progress on others. They are past due on the completion of a new acute stroke unit at Health Sciences Centre, and have failed to deliver an immigration advisory report that was due at the end of December. Manitoba failed to implement $10/day child care, despite committing to do so. Allied health workers have been without a contract for five years, surgeries have been cancelled and while Ontario makes it easier to recruit Manitoba health care workers, the province has done nothing to fast track hiring staff. The PC’s plan for a police training model is due in just a few days, and school divisions are waiting for the province to inform them of funding for the coming school year.  

The PC Caucus has had eleven MLAs, many of which were cabinet members, quit ahead of the next provincial election. The Premier has made five announcements in January, two of which are about senior staff in the Premier’s office. The Premier has fired and replaced her Chief of Staff, the Clerk of the Executive Council and the Director of Cabinet Communications.