Fort Richmond PC Candidate Paramjit Shahi tells Neighbours to ‘Go f**k yourselves’ After Fire at His Development Destroyed Their Home

Treaty 1 and Dakota Territory, Homeland of the Red River Métis, Winnipeg MB – Manitobans are speaking out about Fort Richmond PC candidate Paramjit Shahi. 

Court records show that Shahi’s company, Fairview Custom Homes Ltd., was building a home in North Winnipeg in 2014. These records indicate that he was warned to secure the site by his neighbors because trespassers were setting fires. Following these unheeded warnings, Shahi’s building was set on fire by trespassers. The fire spread next-door and destroyed the home of Amanda Davis and Brad Larocque, forcing them to flee their home in the early morning hours with their four children. Davis and Larocque had to subsequently declare bankruptcy due to costs from the fire. 

Court records state Shahi had “no concern with or regard for same [securing his site] because he was insured and owed no duty of care to Plaintiffs and other residents of the neighbourhood.” They also state that Shahi “ignored, disregarded, ridiculed and/or dismissed all warnings.” Shahi’s company ultimately settled a lawsuit with Davis and Larocque. 

Davis and Larocque are deeply upset about Shahi’s conduct following the fire and question his fitness for public office. According to Davis and Larocque, Shahi did not heed their warnings, put excavation equipment on their property after the fire and, when asked to move it, told them to “go f**k yourselves, move it yourselves.” 

The Manitoba NDP demands that Heather Stefanson tell Manitobans whether she thinks Shahi’s conduct is acceptable. 


The fire was reported on in 2014 by Global News:  

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