Fact Check on Child Care

The Liberals and PCs’ childcare plans just won’t work for families in Manitoba.

“Brian Pallister’s plan for private childcare will lead to massive parent fee increases and longer waits. It will only make the childcare crisis worse," said Wab Kinew, Leader of the Manitoba NDP. "And the Liberal plan just doesn't add up--parents need a sincere plan for childcare that is realistic and accurate."

Background on Liberal Plan – A $378M “Rounding Error”

  • The Manitoba Liberals claimed they can build 18,000 childcare spots for $33million dollars a year over eight years. That’s a total of $264M.
  • Unfortunately, they didn’t do their own math properly – they forgot once a daycare spot is operational, it needs funding every year.
  • Using the Liberals’ own math, the total operating cost alone over 8 years is $432M (not $96M):
    • Year 1: 2,250 spots cost $12M to operate
    • Year 2: 4,500 spots cost $24M to operate
    • Year 3: 6,750 spots cost $36M to operate
    • Year 4: 9,000 spots cost $48M to operate
    • Year 5: 11,250 spots cost $60M to operate
    • Year 6: 13,500 spots cost $72M to operate
    • Year 7: 15,750 spots cost $84M to operate
    • Year 8: 18,000 spots cost $96M to operate
  • They also forgot to add in another $6M in Year 2 to fund the second half of the 2,691 unfunded spaces, while continuing to fund the first half.
  • With all the other commitments, that’s a grand total of $642M over 8 years – not $264M. That’s a $378M mistake.

Background on PC Plan to Privatize Childcare and Raise Parent Fees:

  • The PCs said they want to increase the privatization of our childcare system and suggested making Manitoba’s childcare system more like BC and Alberta:
    • “The private sector is underrepresented in Manitoba’s childcare sector compared to other provinces,’ said Stefanson, who noted private spaces make up less than 5% of Manitoba’s childcare system, versus 58% in Alberta, or 49% in British Columbia.”(PC Party Release, Aug. 19/19)
  • Parents in Vancouver and Calgary pay up to double - hundreds more each month than Winnipeggers

  • 100% of centres in Vancouver have a waitlist; 74% of centres in Calgary do as well (CCPA, 2018).
  • A 2018 Government Note revealed Pallister’s plan for “Proposed increased parent fees and decreasing the number of subsidized children” (FIPPA).
  • The PC’s say their childcare plan will only create 4,400 spaces over 10 years, including what they’ve already done – from 2006 to 2016, the NDP created 8,300 spaces; nearly 90% more than Pallister

Questions for Pallister:

  • Why do you want to make childcare in Manitoba more like BC and Alberta?
  • How does your plan help Manitoba families when it will create hundreds fewer spaces per year than the NDP created?
  • Will you be cutting funding from public spaces to fund your private capital grants to private centres?