A Manitoba NDP Government Will Hire 100 More Homecare Workers to Help Seniors Live Independently at Home

Today, joined by seniors and homecare workers, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab KInew committed to hire 100 homecare workers to improve homecare and end the cancelled visits and reduced hours that make it harder for seniors to live independently at home.

“What we all want for our parents and ourselves is to grow old at home doing the things we love,” said Kinew. “Homecare makes this possible. But under Heather Stefanson, homecare services have fallen apart. Seniors aren’t getting the dignified care they deserve, and homecare workers don’t have dignity in their work. Manitoba used to be a leader in homecare, and under a Manitoba NDP Government we can get back to the excellent seniors care we used to provide.”

Kinew committed $5 million toward mileage increases and hiring incentives to restore homecare services that have been cut, clawed back and privatized under Heather Stefanson.

Under Heather Stefanson vacancies in homecare have soared as high as 20%. In the first four months of 2023, 80,000 homecare visits were canceled according to government documents. For years, homecare workers have suffered because their mileage rates have failed to keep up with the cost of living.

With staffing vacancies so high, homecare workers are forced to rush from patient to patient and there have been numerous stories of seniors going without care. Many homecare workers are burnt out and leaving to work in other areas, making the staffing crisis even worse.

“Under the NDP, homecare was there when we needed it. Now with the PCs, good luck trying to get the care you need,” said senior, Cherrlyn Thomson. “I want my friends to stay in their homes for as long as possible. I want them to have the kind of homecare my mother had. And that’s what I want for myself too when I reach that point.”