Pallister Plan for More Health Cuts

Kinew Would Fire Deloitte, Listen to Front Line Workers and Patients to Fix Health Care 

Confidential Documents Show Which Consultants in Charge of Health Care

WINNIPEG, MBNew confidential documents obtained by the NDP reveal Brian Pallister hired high-priced consultants Deloitte LLP to write his plan to cut health care. 

Pallister’s ‘Clinical and Preventative Services Plan’ (CPSP) is a provincial health care plan meant to guide health care changes for the next five years. According to the department of Health’s latest Transformation Management Update, a draft CPSP was completed in June of this year. 

Brian Pallister’s choice to hire accountants to write a secret plan for more health care cuts shows he doesn’t care what patients, families and front-line workers think. But he won’t reveal the plan, and he won’t say how much he paid for it. We already know what happened the last time he hired consulting firm KPMG—he closed three emergency rooms in Winnipeg. 

Only the NDP will listen to patients, families and front-line health care workers. A newly elected NDP government would immediately fire Deloitte to put a stop to Pallister’s health care cuts. 

Brian Pallister needs to answer these questions: 

  • How much did you pay Deloitte for its plan? 
  • Why won’t you release the draft CPSP before Manitobans vote? 
  • When will you stop listening to consultants over nurses and patients?