Our Vision

Brian Pallister just isn’t working for you

We all have hopes and dreams. And we want the best for ourselves and for our families.

But life is getting harder in Manitoba. A lot of people are struggling – they’re worried about the future. And there’s a growing feeling that the system is stacked against everyday people. Because it is.

Lately, our communities have been struggling to deal with violent crime. Meth and other drugs, chronic homelessness, poverty, tragic homicides and robberies at liquor stores cycle fill the news media everyday. 

Our province is in crisis and the Pallister government is ignoring those pleading for help. 

This is the NDP's alternative vision to Pallister's cuts--in the form of a mock Speech from the Throne--that will set the course for us as Official Opposition. 

We will fight back cuts and push for the priorities of everyday families: safe communities, strong schools, a working health care system, a protected environment and good jobs. 

Read our plan here.