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Wayne Chacun is a paramedic, community volunteer and political activist. He began his career as a local business owner and now, for the past 23 years, has been employed as a paramedic. Growing up in Virden, Wayne’s parents taught him the value of hard work and community involvement. Both were self-employed and active volunteers in their hometown.

A couple years after he graduated, Wayne opened Chac’s Café, a restaurant in Virden, and ran it for eight years. As a business owner in rural Manitoba, he saw the importance of a strong business community that could provide jobs to families. He also recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce and their ability to spend their hard-earned salaries keeping the local economy going.

Throughout his paramedic career, Wayne has advocated for better health care in Manitoba, specifically rural Manitoba. He saw the cutbacks and hallway medicine of the 1990s, and he recognizes the detrimental effect Pallister’s irresponsible new cuts are having on the health care system.

Wayne was part of the movement that pushed for highly educated, full-time paramedics in rural Manitoba. He also advocated for safer worker conditions for paramedics, particularly around excessively long shifts, and he led the movement to bring rural paramedic wages closer to Winnipeg wages. This helps attract young people into the profession and allows them to make a career of being a rural paramedic.

Wayne is also a strong supporter of the broader labour movement. He represented Manitoba paramedics with the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU) and later spent four years as the MGEU provincial 1st Vice President.

Over the years, Wayne has volunteered with many community organizations, including the Virden Community Arts Council, the Terry Fox Run, the Virden Association for Community Living and the Virden and Area Foundation. He strongly believes a community will only be as strong as the people working together for the common good.

Wayne and his husband Will Noseworthy, an elementary school teacher, live in Virden. There they will continue to work at strengthening their community and province.


Email: wayne.chacun@mbndp.ca

Address: 118 10th Street
Brandon R7A 4E6

Phone: 204-721-3048