The Wolseley #10 Nostalgia Pack

The old route might be gone but the memories can live on with our Wolseley #10 nostalgia pack. The pack includes a vintage 1940s Winnipeg transit map (20x27), a coupon for a limited edition Wolseley #10 four pack of beer from Barn Hammer and a custom #10 pilsner glass with artwork from the original bus. 

It's perfect as a gift for any map/transit nerds in your life or anyone who enjoys a little nostalgia now and then - I mean, don't we all! 

Proceeds go to re-elect Lisa Naylor as our MLA for the Wolseley constituency, plus you'll receive a tax receipt for approximately $40.

Packs will be gift wrapped and delivered around December 15th. 

Sales ends:  

December 05, 2021 at 12:00am

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$100.00 - Pack