A Breakfast For Every Kid

The Manitoba NDP would fund a universal breakfast program that provides a free meal to every student in the province, so all children have a strong start to their education.

We understand that kids who come to school hungry have a harder time focusing on class and meeting outcomes. Under our plan, every student would have access to a daily nutritious meal that will help boost their grades and prepare them for a successful future. 

But the Pallister Conservatives don't believe in feeding hungry kids. PC Spokesperson and MLA James Teitsma claimed it was a “bad idea” to feed students breakfast at school.

We reject the Conservatives plan to spend millions on high priced consultants while ignoring hungry kids. With Pallister's review of education looming, it's clear setting students up for success just isn't a priority.

Stand with the NDP and show your support for a free, healthy breakfast for every child. 


I think a universal breakfast program for kids is a good idea! 

Will you sign?