The Choice is Clear: Health Care or Cuts


WINNIPEG — In an election about health care, the choice is clear: more cuts and chaos under Brian Pallister, or a smart new plan with Wab Kinew and the NDP. 


This morning Kinew visited a family in Saint Boniface to thank them for displaying an NDP sign, and to share with them that the concerns they had about health care were shared by many Manitobans. 

In order to express Manitobans’ support for health care over the last weekend of the campaign, the NDP is adding sign toppers that read “Fix Health Care” to its lawn signs. Kinew delivered the first one to the family in Saint Boniface. 

“What I have heard over and over is that this election is about health care,” said Kinew. “It’s clear there is only one party that can stop Brian Pallister’s health cuts and fix his health care crisis — and that is the NDP. I invite everyone who wants to protect and fix our health care to join us when they vote on Tuesday.”