Our Caucus

Matt Wiebe - MLA for Concordia

Matt Wiebe

Jim Maloway - MLA for Elmwood

Jim Maloway

Tom Lindsey - MLA for Flin Flon

Tom Lindsey
Flin Flon

James Allum - MLA for Fort Garry - Riverview

James Allum
Fort Garry - Riverview

Wab Kinew - leader of the Manitoba NDP

Wab Kinew
Fort Rouge

Flor Marcelino - MLA for Logan

Flor Marcelino

Andrew Swan - MLA for Minto

Andrew Swan

Bernadette Smith - MLA for Point Douglas

Bernadette Smith
Point Douglas

Nahanni Fontaine - MLA for St. Johns

Nahanni Fontaine
St. Johns

Amanda lathlin - MLA for The Pas

Amanda Lathlin
The Pas

Tyndall Park

Ted Marcelino
Tyndall Park

Rob Altemeyer - MLA for Wolseley

Rob Altemeyer