Support Small Businesses in a Pandemic

Small businesses and the people who work in them are what makes Manitoba thrive, but the pandemic has brought on significant challenges. The Pallister government isn’t coming through with meaningful supports and is leaving small businesses to fend for themselves.

They deserve a government that invests in a plan help people. Wab Kinew and the NDP have a plan to support small businesses throughout the pandemic:

  • Help small business transition to online sales, delivery and marketing by providing interest-free grants to create and maintain a website, advertise online and develop a sustainable business model.

  • Help restaurants survive restrictions by capping fees charged by food delivery services and waiving fees on liquor licensing, including reinstatement fees and lapsed fees.

  • Allow freelancers and businesses without a store front to apply for financial help.

  • Provide rent relief for businesses who are not covered by Federal supports.


Will you sign?