Support for Manitoba's Producers

Manitoba farmers play a critical role in families accessing safe, high quality food and keeping our supply chains running during the COVID-19 pandemic. They deserve clear financial supports to help them manage the real impacts of COVID-19. 

That's why the Manitoba NDP is calling for $100,000 loans for every producer to help cover input costs like seed, feed and labour. 

If our grain, livestock and small-scale producers are going to continue to do the essential work of bringing food to Manitoba families while reducing the spread of COVID-19, they're going to need a helping hand. The province has to step up its support now. 

In addition to input loans, the NDP is calling for the province to: 

  • Work with producers and local business to strengthen direct-to-consumer marketing and set up an online portal for Manitobans to access agricultural goods directly from their local farms;
  • Review MELT Class 1 licenses to help farmers move goods;
  • Work with beef producers to ensure supply chains continue throughout the pandemic and avoid market value losses; and
  • Help producers implement physical distance training for their workers, and support producers in hiring locals who have lost their job due to COVID-19.


Will you sign?