Stand with Nurses

For years nurses have had to cover for Pallister’s healthcare cuts. They’ve worked back-to-back shifts as patient to nurse ratios have grown out of control. They’ve been mandated back to work to fill the cracks in Pallister’s broken system while he refuses to negotiate a new contract. And the pandemic only made it worse.

This spring the Pallister government tried to pass Bill 16, their anti-worker legislation. Bill 16 would take away workers rights to go to arbitration. Because we used our powers as the Official Opposition to delay the bill, nurses have the power to negotiate a fair deal at the bargaining table. 

It’s time for the PC government give nurses the respect they deserve, negotiate in good faith and increase staffing across the healthcare system so nurses can focus on what they do best – taking care of Manitobans.

I stand with nurses.

Will you sign?