Speak Out

Stop Pallister's plans for cuts to schools - Just like he did with healthcare, Brian Pallister is preparing to make more cuts to our schools. While Brian Pallister makes cuts, we're listening to parents, educators and students. We need to hear your voice. Please tell us how Conservative cuts to classrooms would impact your family.

Reset the Relationship with Nurses - The Pallister Conservatives broke their promise to front line nurses. Their health care cuts have caused chaos and uncertainty for nurses who are struggling to give their patients the care they deserve. We're committed to putting the brakes on the Pallister Conservative's cuts by hiring more nurses, ending mandatory overtime and making the smart investments needed to heal our system from their cuts. 

Support Good Jobs and Rehabilitation in Dauphin - The Pallister Conservatives announced they will close the Dauphin jail, putting nearly 100 people out of work, and didn't consult with anyone in the community beforehand. We support a new modern facility in Dauphin, that focuses on restorative justice and rehabilitation, while providing good jobs for Dauphin families.

End Mandatory OT for NursesThe NDP has introduced Bill 205 The Restricting Mandatory Overtime for Nurses Act w to stop the practice of using mandatory overtime to staff nurses at hospitals. The NDP’s bill will force the Pallister government to fill nursing vacancies and, with some safety exceptions, end the practice of using mandatory overtime as a staff tool rather than a last resort.

Louis Riel: Our First Premier - In recognition of the 150th anniversary of Manitoba, NDP Leader Wab Kinew introduced a bill to formally recognize Manitoba founder Louis Riel as the province’s first premier. Kinew’s bill also amends the provincial education curriculum to acknowledge Riel as Premier and outline his contributions to the province so that young people learn about his progressive vision for a fair and inclusive Manitoba.

End Binary ID Registration - In November 2019, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission ordered the provincial government to begin offering non-binary sex designations on birth certificates. The province has less than 180 days to be in compliance.  NDP MLA Uzoma Asagwara has introduced a bill to force the Pallister government to comply with the order.

Support Doctors and PatientsThe NDP is standing against Bill 10, the Pallister government's latest attack on front line health workers. The NDP supports a fair billing process because we know it allows doctors to make the best medical decisions for their patients without having to worry about Pallister's attacks.

Daylight Saving Consultation - The NDP is holding a public consultation with Manitobans to examine the issue of Daylight Saving Time and whether Manitobans want to move to a different system of time observance - and if so, what kind of change would be best.