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Shelley was raised in Minitonas on a small family farm. She attended school in Minitonas and graduated from the SVRSS in 1991. Shelley holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Providence College and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Brandon University.

Shelley has taught in a variety of schools in Alberta, the Swan Valley, Ethelbert, Chesterfield Inlet (Nunavut) and Winnipeg. It was during her tenure in Winnipeg that Shelley met her husband, Shawn. They relocated to Minitonas in 2003 to raise their daughter Danica. When Danica was born, she suffered a birth injury, which helped Shelley realize the importance of our health care system, the barriers that exist for citizens living in rurally and the need to improve services available locally.

Shelley moved on from her teaching career in 2005, becoming the Coordinator for Swan Valley Employment and Training Project, an agency offering employment services to individuals in our community. She began her Civil Service career in 2006 and continues to work in Social Services.

In 2010, Shelley became involved with the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU). Her participation gave her opportunities to build leadership skills and knowledge to advocate on behalf of all workers. She has held elected positions of Workplace Safety and Health Committee representative/Co-Chair, Local President, Chief Steward, Membership Education Representative, Facilitator and Component Chair. In 2016, Shelley was elected as the MGEU 3rd Vice President and re-elected in 2018. This executive position allowed Shelley to develop additional leadership skills and to complete the National Union of Public Employees (NUPGE) Leadership Development School in 2018.

Shelley has a passion for doing what is right, standing up for those who do not have a voice, speaking out against injustice and engaging in active democratic citizenship. She understands that in working together and respecting the dignity of all Manitobans, we can collaboratively achieve common goals. She recognizes the need for advocacy, tolerance and the importance of educational and vocational supports for all Manitobans. She continues to build a foundation on which we can stand up for our rights, providing excellence in service, education and supports to all Manitobans.



Phone: 431-688-2022