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Sarah Pinsent lives with her four children and partner, Chris, in Winnipeg Beach. Sarah is a proven leader, advocate and mentor who believes that building meaningful relationships is the key to maintaining and strengthening our communities.

Sarah is a Registered Social Worker, and a dedicated and devoted member of the community. Sarah grew up in the Interlake, where she attended and graduated from the Stonewall Collegiate Institute. Sarah has passionately pursued post-secondary education, and has subsequently graduated from four Canadian Universities.

Sarah's' pursuit of excellence has led her to become a successful small-business owner in Gimli, where she works as a counsellor in her private practice, Lean In Counselling & Consulting Inc. Sarah has spent the past ten years serving Gimli and surrounding Interlake communities, both as a professional clinician—providing palliative care and mental healthcare services—and as an
invested community volunteer.

Sarah is currently the Chairperson of the Winnipeg Beach Parent Advisory Council, Co-Chairperson of the Gimli Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Club, President of the Interlake-Gimli NDP Constituency Association, and Secretary of her local condominium association.

Sarah knows that Interlake and Gimli families need accessible, available and well-resourced healthcare, education and childcare. Her professional experience in palliative and mental healthcare services means that she understands the damage that Brian Pallister is currently doing to our Manitoba Healthcare system, and the failure of the current government to invest in vital mental
healthcare services.

Sarah is also an advocate for the families and workers whose vitalities depend on the health and sustainability of Lake Winnipeg, and our fisheries, as well as local agriculture and tourism. Sarah is passionate about economic growth and gainful employment opportunities for our constituents, and the development of environmental economic initiatives.

Sarah knows that Brian Pallister is only concerned with the bottom line. To make true improvements, we need to make choices that will benefit all Manitobans.



Address: 94 1st Avenue

Phone: 204-651-1423