Robin Dalloo

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Robin Dalloo studied piano and performance at the University of Manitoba and Christian Theology and Canadian mennonite University. He has worked as a music instructor at several schools in Manitoba, mentoring young musicians to encourage their love for music. Robin put his plans of pursuing a professional career in music on hold when he became a father. He currently works hard in the sales and service industry to care for his family.

Robin has experience working on the front lines of our health care system, both as a health care aide and as a support worker. He is concerned about how Brian Pallister's cuts to health care are impacting patients all over Manitoba.

Robin has Mennonite roots in southern Manitoba and is an active member of his church. His faith has led him to take on leadership and volunteer roles supporting church functions and care for congregants. Robin believes that our government should make decisions based on compassion and care for others, and not in the interest of the wealthy and fortunate few. Robin and Manitoba's NDP will put everyday families first, stop the chaos in our health care system, and make decisions that benefit all of us.