Winnipeg, MB – Brian Pallister has done nothing to keep communities safe for the past three years – and his cuts to front line services have made it harder for our communities to be safe.

Pallister’s failing record on community safety:

o Pallister cut 15 police officer positions in important programs like the Integrated Organized Crime Task Force and the Warrant Task Force;
o Pallister cut $75,000 in annual funding from the Gang Action Inter-Agency Network which helped youth access supports to exit gangs;
o Pallister also cut the Spotlight Unit, an intensive anti-gang project that supports youth at risk of gang involvement.

(Source: Department Annual Reports)

Now Pallister is pretending to deal with the massive effects of a meth crisis in Winnipeg by delaying action yet again. He has already shown a “lack of provincial leadership” according to the WRHA and his inaction has made the rise of meth use worse.

Danny Smyth, Winnipeg Chief of Police, called out the province for their inaction on meth: “We know there are not enough shelters, stabilization units and treatment centres… It’s just hard to tell right now if anyone in government is committed to the actions necessary to help our community recover.” (WFP, July 17, 2019).

According to the Smyth, “We can’t arrest our way out” of the meth crisis, and he went on to say: “I can tell you that our crime rates are going up and I think … a significant part of that, is meth and the violence associated with meth,” (Global, July 18, 2018).

The Manitoba NDP recognizes that crime and addictions challenges are closely linked.

Our platform includes a strong commitment to “Make communities safer by introducing meaningful, effective, evidence-based measures to combat addictions, including a Safe Consumption Site, Managed Alcohol Program, and new facilities.” (pg. 13 – NDP Platform).