What is Pallister Hiding? Pallister Refuses to Reveal Plan to Raise Childcare Fees for Parents

Winnipeg, MB - Brian Pallister says “all options are on the table” when it comes to childcare fees. He needs to come clean with Manitobans how much he will hike childcare fees for hardworking families if he gets the chance.

“Brian Pallister had a briefing note from 2018 that proposed hiking childcare fees – now he told to the Manitoba Child Care Association “all options [are] on the table” (PC MCCA Response, page 3) when it comes to childcare fees for parents,” said Karen Myshkowsky, NDP Candidate for Southdale. “Parents already pay thousands a year for childcare – how much more is Pallister going to hike fees on them? He needs to come clean with Manitobans today”.

Pallister has also said he wants Manitoba to be more like BC and Alberta (PC Party Release, Aug. 19/19) where childcare fees can cost more than 3 times what Manitobans pay, and could lead childcare fees to be more than $1000 per month.

“Manitobans know we need affordable childcare for everyone, not just those at the top,” said Myshkowsky. “The Manitoba NDP is the only party committed to keeping childcare affordable while investing in the system – Pallister needs to stop hiding his plan come clean to tell Manitobans how much more he wants to pay for their childcare”.

Questions Manitoba families want Pallister to answer:

• “How much more will Pallister raise childcare fees for regular families?”
• “Why did Pallister mislead Manitobans about his plan to raise childcare fees”