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Raj was born in India and moved to Canada in 2004, graduating from high school in Manitoba. He and his wife, Shahdeep, have two school-aged children. Because of this, investing in education is a top priority for Raj. He wants to make our schools better for all our kids, allowing them to experience the best in life, and help build a sustainable economy with good jobs. 

Raj has been serving the community of Radisson in various ways over the last decade. Raj is a proud small business owner and realtor. He has also engaged with a lot of community organizations and fundraising initiatives for children and youth over the years, such as the Oxford Heights kids’ soccer team fundraiser. He was first ambassador for Punjab pavilion in its inaugural year, and Raj is also the Director and Spokesperson for the Sikh Motorcycle Club Manitoba.

Raj will fight to make sure that every decision government makes will improve the lives of everyday families in our community. He believes we need to address the biggest challenges facing everyday families, such as hospital closures, fewer school supports and the rising cost of college and university tuition, as well as poverty, addictions and mental health.  Brian Pallister’s reckless cuts, including closing the Concordia ER, are only hurting families. Raj will continue to advocate on behalf of Radisson families, listening and learning from their experiences, to put the jobs and well-being of everyday people first and restore the services we all count on.



Address: 121 Regent Ave E

Phone: 431-388-4671

Email: raj.sandhu@mbndp.ca