Protect Rural Health Care

Brian Pallister's health care cuts are taking their toll on rural Manitoba. After years of cutting health care services, firing nurses and closing ERs in Winnipeg, Pallister's Conservatives have moved on to Phase 2 of their plan, cutting vital health care services in rural communities like Shoal Lake, Roblin, and Grandview. 
Pallister's plans for rural health care cuts were made without community consultation. Instead, he's following the advice of high-priced consultants who don't even live in Manitoba. His plan for cuts that will see rural communities lose doctors, force families to drive hours farther for care and put the health of seniors at risk. 
It's time for a government that invests in rural communities and puts the health of families ahead of the bottom line. 

I Want to Protect Rural Health Care Against Pallister's Cuts! 

Will you sign?